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Inverhuron Dryland Sled Dog Race
2nd-3rd Nov 2024

Address: 9 Jordon Rd, Kincardine, ON N0G 2T0

2024-2025 Membership required!
Our Races and Time Trials are for our members,
Yearly and Weekend membership available 

3.5 Mile Trial
2 Dog Bike
4 Dog Rig
6 Dog Rig

Kid & Mutt - 200m -

**mini carts available onsite (Sat only)

                Classes: Open & RNB

2.5 Mile Trail

JR Canicross
1 Dog Bike
1 & 2 Dog Scooter
1 Dog JR Wheels


IFSS Accredited Classes 2023 

1 Dog Canicross DCM/DCW (2.5 miles)
1 Dog Bikejoring DBW/DBM (2.5 miles)
1 Dog Scooter DS1 (2.5 miles)
2 Dog Scooter DS2 (2.5 miles)
4 Dog Rig DR4 (3½ Miles)

6 Dog Rig DR6 (3½ Miles)

*Accreditation for 2024 TBC.


Mandatory Musher & Safety meeting at 8:00 am in parking area

Starting at 8:45am – 4:30pm

Race Rules and Forms

It is required that all participants are insured/carry some form of a PIP personal injury/insurance protection plan/policy or Personal Accident protection thought their insurance company or legal guardians plan, or have accident/injury coverage through a secondary provider/benefits plan.  Please check with your insurance broker/company that you have suitable cover.

Please note that once you have sent in your application and payment, your registration cannot be changed.  Requests to change classes are not guaranteed unless there is a valid and legitimate reason beyond your control which would incur a further administration fee if the change was granted by the race organizers.

Helmets Mandatory for all classes with wheels

Full set of Inverhuron Dryland Sled Dog Derby (IFSS) Race Rules (View/Download Rules here)

Race Registration and Race Waivers

Registration Coming in Fall 2024


Registration closes  30 October 2024.



Volunteer Information (Coming Soon)


All volunteers are to review the Volunteer Manual before race.

Volunteer Schedule (7:00 am) and Trail Map: TBD

Please print and sign the Volunteer Waiver Form: TBD

Waivers are to be handed in to the Lead Volunteer Catherine on Saturday:



(Information below is from 2023 will be updated closer to event with recommendations for 2024)

When booking please make sure to call directly and where applicable ask for the Sled Dog Rate so you may receive your discount upon booking.


Travel Lodge will be blocking off 10 rooms for us 6 of those are pet friendly.

Rate $99-119 plus a $10 plus tax per night per animal in the room charge.

Address: 235 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C1

Phone: (519) 832-2021

-Block discount has expired but rooms may still be available individually


Super 8 they will offer a discounted rate per night at $139.88-159.88 plus tax.

Call and talk to front desk directly, for musher rate for Inverhuron.

They only have 4 pet friendly rooms with an additional $50 all 4 rooms have double beds.

Address: 5129 ON-21, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C0

Phone: (519) 832-2058

All Seasons Motel

Rate $95-110 plus a $25plus tax per night per animal in the room charge.

Address: : 760 Goderich St, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C3

Phone: (519)389-2244

Maple Leaf Inn

Rate: $99 + , they have a few pet friendly rooms

Address:481 Broadway St, Kincardine, ON N2Z 2C2

Phone : (519) 396-5888

These 2 hotels do not have pet friendly rooms, BUT will allow quiet dogs in the parking lot. 


SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western

Rate: $135

Address: 791 Durham St, Kincardine, ON N2Z 1M4

Phone: (519) 396-8242

TownePlace Suites by Marriott

Rate: $180 +

Address: 19 Millennium Wy, Kincardine, ON N2Z 0B5

Phone: (519) 395-2665



Rustic camping 

(Information below is from 2023 will be updated closer to event with recommendations for 2024)

Rustic camping will be available  Friday Nov.1st  - Sunday, Nov.3rd at MacGregor Park approximately 30 minutes from the Race site.

Address: 1593 Bruce County Rd 33, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C5
SSASO Camping Organizer: Gina Donker
ne: (519) 389-9056

Group Camping will be booked in advanced with a form. 

For any questions related to the camping, please message Gina Donker on facebook. 

Our group will be the only campers in the group camp area that weekend. The rustic group campers will only have access to a drop tube privy (outhouse), there is no water available in group camp at this time of year.

Campers can fill water containers/trailers at the Admin Building – blue water tap to the left of the building.  This water is potable municipal water source.

There will be firewood for sale at the Permit Office during our operating hours, 9am – 7pm Friday and 9am – 4pm on Saturday/Sunday. SSASO will pre-purchase a supply of wood to use on account of the limited permit office hours. 

There are 6 large sites suitable for RVs and larger groups to the right, with a fire pit/social area in the middle, and 6 smaller tent-sized sites across the road to the left with a fire pit/social area & large parking lot.

ATTENTION CAMPERS:  Please leave campsite in same condition you found them in.  The Rustic Group campsite is normally closed at this time of year and if the sites are left in poor condition, we will lose the use of them.

All campers agree to comply by park rules. 

It is absolutely forbidden to do any type of training while on MacGregor Park premises. Dogs should not even be hooked up. Anyone participating in any kind of training will be asked to leave and likely cost SSASO the opportunity to camp for future events. Any other repercussions are at the discretion of the park wardens. 








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